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Very good service provided my headphones repairs where i got my Bluetooth headphones costing rs 3200 got fixed. I contacted JBL customer care and they refused to repair it. Then I got to know headphone repairs where they fixed my headphones in 1/4 of the actual price. At least I can use my headphones now which I stopped using after they broke. Thank you so much for this service.
- Isha Dhawan

The best service for headphone repair , no second thought , just go fir it! repaired Steelseries Siberia Headphones which are actually out of production nowadays! thankful to the team for reviving the headphones again 🙂
- Siddhant S

I m really happy that I got to know about Headphone repair centre through google. I was about to throw my earbuds but Mr Mayank got it repaired and handed me over not taking much time .. I recommend their service 👍
- Sonal Kapoor

Great service. I had given my one plus bullet wireless 2 earphones for repair. I didn't have much hope of it getting repaired but they did their job fabulously and saved me a great deal of money. The service cost was minimum and would recommend Headphone Repairs service to all my acquaintances.
Great Job keep it up! 👍

- Shuaib Palekar

Satisfactory service...great work...would recommend for any issues related to headphones etc Thanks for wonderful service.
- Manvi Shah

Great service. I gave my Sony MDR-XB950B1 for repair (broken clamp and brackets). Quality was maintained and I didn’t even feel it was broken. Well done.
- Anurag Sanjay

The repair part of the service was good but never actually met the person, it isn't a shop but other than that the service was good, relieved to finally be able to use my headphone's mic again and not have the traffic noises going into my game chat, the service was rather quick and I got my headphones back in a day!.
- dj fan no.1 NO ONE ELSE IS NO.1

I am able to save from buying new Bluetooth earphones and it is working as good as new, I suggest who doesn't want to buy new earphones and want repair within 25 % of original earphones cost
- H arry bhandari